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A Fresh Career Tool for Rangatahi Futures

Updated: May 5, 2022

A key to a good partnership is shared values. We are excited and motivated to demonstrate this in our collaboration with Springload and Indigenous Design and Innovation Aotearoa (IDIA) - as we are tasked to deliver Aotearoa a tool to support career pathways.

Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash

Developed on behalf of the Tertiary Education Commission, this will be a multi-year project that will provide New Zealanders from all backgrounds with a digital tool to aid and support career path choices.

“It will be one source for all quality career information to support New Zealanders in navigating the rapidly changing world of work.”

- Ian Lee, Deputy Chief Executive Strategy and Design at Tertiary Education Commission

We are enjoying the challenge and immensely valuable experience of our organisations coming together for this exciting piece of work. Check out this article from Scoop to see how we're contributing to this huge and exciting project.

“The opportunities to leverage data science methods like AI and machine learning for the online learning tool are large, varied, and exciting. The key to this is respecting the mana of the people represented in the data we work with.”

- Kylie Reiri, Former CEO of Nicholson Consulting


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