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ACC and Fast Tracking Recovery Pathways

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Together with ACC, we have improved the pathway to recovery for injured New Zealanders. This is a proud example of where we have provided analytics for the good of our communities in Aotearoa. This piece of work was driven by the desire to better support people who are injured.

We built several operational algorithms for ACC that automated much of the claim decision making process. Around 90% of the claims are now automated, using algorithms to look for key words that are mentioned in the accident description and help determine the outcome of the claim. The small percent that require further assessment from ACC staff are also handled quicker due to the bulk of the claims being handled by the model.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels

What previously took up to two weeks for people to know if their claim was approved or not, was reduced to a matter of seconds. Kiwis now know if their medical costs are covered straight away; their pathway to care is faster, meaning faster pathway to recovery.

Check out the video below and hear from two of our team members, Ernestynne and Todd about just how great this project is for our communities.


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