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New Numbers for New Zealand Māori Tourism

Updated: May 5, 2022

Tourism in Aotearoa was significantly impacted in 2020 due to the ever-lasting effects of Covid-19. NZ Māori tourism approached us to better understand how Māori-owned businesses in the tourism industry were affected.

NZ Māori Tourism shared some interesting research from their most recent report. In the findings, we helped determine the extent of Māori businesses in the tourism sector and found 537 Māori tourism businesses across Aotearoa. The proportion of Māori that make the workforce across Māori businesses was also determined. For example, in Gisborne nearly 85% of employees in Māori tourism-owned businesses are Māori.

The findings in this research was then used to aid NZ Māori tourism in providing support and directing resources in a response to the impact of Covid-19.Check the 2020 NZ Māori Tourism Annual report here that has some engaging visuals to accompany the data we provided them.


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