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Thriving Rangatahi Population Explorer

Halving the number of excluded and disadvantaged rangatahi in Aotearoa by 2027.

Changing the way Aotearoa uses data to achieve positive impacts with our communities is at the heart and centre of Nicholson Consulting. Partnering with Vodafone Foundation to support their vision of “halving the number of excluded and disadvantaged rangatahi in Aotearoa by 2027" is a courageous goal, one that Vodafone Foundation has set, and one that Nicholson Consulting is very proud to support.

"The Vodafone New Zealand Foundation has a vision of an Aotearoa where all young people have access to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. We believe all young people should be able to make choices about their future and lead lives they value – we don’t want them to be locked out of opportunity by systems and experiences beyond their control.”

During our partnership we have thought hard about how we work with data safely. This has supported the shaping of the Thriving Rangatahi Data Sovereignty Principles and ultimately the development of the Thriving Rangatahi Population Explorer.

“The Thriving Rangatahi Population Explorer aims to democratise access to administrative data collected by the government. Our hope is that the tool will provide community organisations with access to information which can shape their work and help them advocate for their rangatahi.”

“The task we face as a nation is complex and intergenerational. There is no easy fix, no one silver bullet that will solve these overlapping and multifaceted challenges. It is up to each and every one of us to work out our personal, professional and collective contribution and do the hard work to create the conditions for systems change.”

If you’re looking to do good for your community with a data driven initiative, you can request access to the tool, free of charge, here.

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