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Stats NZ’s Integrated Data Infrastructure provides masses of microdata to tackle questions that have previously been unanswered. But, with the growth of information comes the need for skilled researchers who can work with the data safely.

Our team is well equipped with IDI-qualified data scientists with years of IDI experience. Get a longitudinal, cross-sector view of individuals in Aotearoa.

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Donald Beasley Institute

Neurodevelopment Impairment Research

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Working in collaboration with the Donald Beasley Institute, we provided a quantitative understanding of Neurodevelopmental Impairment in the New Zealand context, to inform an emerging qualitative picture of where and when Neurodevelopment Impairment starts to be observed in national administrative datasets – especially in datasets related to the criminal justice sector.

This included deriving an indicator for Neurodevelopmental Impairment using datasets in the Integrated Data Infrastructure and a time-to-event analysis to model those with Neurodevlopment Impairment interacting with the criminal justice sector later in life.


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