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Operational algorithms

Algorithms offer great opportunities to bring increased speed and consistency to high volume business processes, but require a wide range of skills outside the areas of analytics to successfully implement.

Through our extensive experience operationalising algorithms we have learned how to combine our analytics skills with transparency, fairness, communications, change management, and ethics and privacy. This allows us to offer complete solutions to our clients that are transparent, fair and efficient.

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Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

Expected Claim Outcome

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If you can't work or perform all of your usual work activities because of an injury, ACC will pay you up to 80% of your income as a weekly compensation. We worked with ACC to build the Expected Claim Outcome (ECO) to predict the average amount of days they would expect to pay someone on an injury claim for weekly compensation.

The ECO was built from over 300,000 ACC claims and looks at things such as the client's diagnosis (e.g., an ankle sprain, concussion or thumb fracture), the client's age, and their worktype (e.g., whether their occupation involves light work or heavy labour) - among other variables.

Based on these variables, the ECO then predicts the minimum, optimal, and maximum number of days ACC will pay a client for weekly compensation. The ECO helps guide ACC staff for setting target dates for when clients can return to work, along with their own experience and additional information from the client.

“Clients can be confident their data is being used appropriately and for a good purpose: faster claim decisions will put many clients in a better position as they start their recovery.”

- Mike Tully, Chief Operating Officer at ACC

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