Analytics, for the good of our communities.

We respect and uplift the mana of people in our analysis. We partner with our customers to provide transparent and trusted data services, that are committed to making a difference.  

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Who we are

We are a multi-disciplinary data science & analytics

consultancy, with a big footprint and a bigger heart.

We work with you to provide specialised analytical solutions that are easy to understand, implement, and maintain.  

Our approach.


Nicholson Consulting is a highly reputed company who offer real-world experience and stand in a strong position in the competitive market. With close working relationships to our clients, Nicholson Consulting strives to exceed customer expectations since its birth in 2008.


Our team are highly trained in statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and all things data. We are active in the space of Māori data sovereignty through the practical application of a te ao Māori approach, and seek mahi that aligns with our kaupapa and partners who share our passion.

To align with our vision of working for the good of our communities, and to contribute to a thriving Aotearoa, we are committed to supporting local and independent clients and customers at least 75% of the time. This commitment influences who we choose to work with, who we choose to purchase from and how we go about managing and reducing our carbon footprint over time.


People are at the centre of everything we do; our staff, our whānau, our communities. Data and analytics are simply the tools we use to empower better lives.


We are our people.

We respect and care for our people. We invest in our people to learn and grow. We create an environment where our people are empowered to do great things. 


Our values.

Where we are.

Level 5

40 Mercer Street

Te Aro

Wellington, New Zealand

Want to make a difference with us?

If you are keen to be part of our amazing team, we’d love to hear from you.